Notice of AGM of the Maritime Barrel Racing Association

Date  :  October 09,2021
Place:  Hants County Exhibition Grounds, main arena.
Time :  6:30  (Approx. giving at least 1 hour after conclusion of 3D Barrels)

Pursuant to the provincial regulations in place at this time with respect to indoor sport related functions, as well as, specifically, annual general meetings of associations, and with regards to Covid-19 vaccinations, the MBRA board of directors wish to give notice of the following.

The 2021 MBRA AGM will be held at the arena of the Hants County exhibition grounds.  In consideration of this, and in co-ordination with the Hants County Exhibition, only those that are fully vaccinated as defined by the government of Nova Scotia government at the time of the meeting will be permitted to attend in person.

Those members that are unable, or feel unsafe, to attend in person can contact Chris MacLean at no later than Wednesday Oct 6th.  Every effort will be made to provide “Zoom Meeting” access online for the meeting.

Most questions or concerns can be answered via the following attachment.

MBRA Board of directors.