MBRA Board of Directors

Jessica Taylor


Chris Maclean

Vice President

Kaleigh Denton



189 Beechmont Rd, Balls Creek, NS B2A 4K7

Tommy Fraser




276 Craig Road, Saltsprings, NS BOK IPO


Cherie Parker



1255 Scotsburn Rd. Scotsburn, NS B0K 1R0

Ashley Crane

Courtney Parker

1255 Scotsburn Rd. Scotsburn, NS B0K 1R0

Laura Morrison

Lindsay Smith

Terry Cole

Mission Statement

The Maritime Barrel Racing Association (MBRA) has been formed to promote Western Speed Events, particularly Barrel Racing, throughout the maritimes. 

Action Plan

To this end, we will seek to improve the skills and abilities of speed event competitors, by providing for events with adequate prize money, organizing or endorsing clinics by competent instructors and encouraging the breeding and training of horses specifically for speed events. We will strive to obtain sponsorship whenever possible, as this will strengthen and give exposure to our sport.


The MBRA is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting Western Speed Events, particularly Barrel Racing, throughout the Maritimes. We seek to improve the skill and ability of speed event competitions by providing events with adequate prize money, by organizing clinics with expert instructors and encouraging breeding and training horses specifically for speed events. 

MBRA History

The MBRA, first know as the maritime gymkhana association, was formed in 1985 by a small group of horsemen who wished to organize and promote their sport. Since their humble start they have grown from 12 to 120+ members. The MBRA provides speed events where youth, beginner and novice riders can compete along side world champions. Our enthusiasm is catching. if you love speed, excitement and horses we welcome you to get involved in the MBRA.

Barrel Racing History

Barrel racing is a timed rodeo event, where the fastest time is what matters most. cowgirls and cowboys compete in the arena against each other and the clock.

Barrel racing is about cooperation between horse and rider. Because of the competition and money involved, finding a good horse is very important to the competitors. A top of the line barrel horse can cost up to $50,000.00.

For the barrel racing event, the arena is cleared and three barrels are set up at different marked locations. The riders then enter the arena at a full speed, quickly rounding each barrel in a cloverleaf pattern and then exiting where they entered. A timer is used registering down to a hundredth of a second.

Speed is what it is all about in this event. The riders steer their horse as close as they can to the barrels trying to shave precious seconds off the clocks. For each barrel they knock over a five second penalty is assessed to their total time. Leaving the barrels standing and ripping through the course is every barrel racers goal.

14-16 seconds is generally a winning time in this event, but will vary according to the size of the arena.


2014 marked the 25th year the Atlantic dodge dealers have sponsored the Maritime Barrel Racing Association. This great partnership continues today.

Through their generous sponsorship the MBRA can recognize their objectives, and are proud to have various MBRA members competing on the “world champion” level.

In particular we would like to salute the following dealers for their hometown support:

Saunder’s Dodge – Nridgewater, NS
Reliable Motors – Charlottetown, PEI
Colbourne Chrysler – Sydney, NS
Blaikies Dodge Chrysler – Truro, NS
Macdonald Chrysler – Antigonish, NS
Pothier Motors – Falmouth, NS
Halifax Chrysler Dodge – Halifax, NS
Dartmouth Dodge Chrysler – Dartmouth, NS
Steele Chrysler Plymouth – Halifax, NS

Past Presidents

1985 Gerald Dixon
1986-1990 Ed Grant
1991-1992 Raymond Harrison
1993-1994 Ed Grant
1995-1996 Ron MacDonald
1997-1998 John McAssey
1999 Ed Grant
2000-2001 Chris MacLean
2002-2003 Craig Smith
2004 Joan Grant
2005-2006 Jean Dugas
2007-2008 Scott MacLean
2009 Chris MacLean
2010- 2012 Marion MacDonald
2013 Pat McLean
2014 – 2017 Chris MacLean
2018 – 2023 Tracy Higgins

2024 – Present Jessica Taylor